bura na mano!! holi hain….

March 12, 2009

          today morning, as i turned up to my office, security kept staring at my face and id card as if he was a tennis chair umpire, looking at both the ends… my face has shaded pink n` red  like a watermelon… i said Bura na mano!!! holi hain!!  yesterday i played rang panchami wid a bunch of humble and polite frnds. the moment i went downstairs, they asked me to remove all my accessories…specs, rings , purse and mobile(i was wondering how they spared my clothes!) … next moment they made me Hulk Hogan by  tearing Tshirt in two pieces… they soaked it in mud and then threw it on a tree… as i looked at that tree, those 25 X 2 Tshirt pieces hanging on the tree were looking like bats.. they lifted me, just to put me in a pit full of mud, colors, egg, aur na jaane usmein kya kya items the…and ofcourse a lot of stench … i did not resist cuz i knew the moment i do that they will feel themselves like Ranjit raping the heroins, so it was a quick one for me juz 15 mins, soak , wash, rinse and dry.. everything wid that mud… and then i was one of them… frnds kept coming in and SOP ( Standard Operating Process) was followed for each one of them… 3 hours of it and we were looking like slumdog guys… and offcourse there were Latikas toooo.. but we had different SOP for them… a pretty slow and decent one … holi is to show their true colors…n i kept saying Bura na mano!! Holi hain!!!

          after reading my first blog, one of the geek ( rather i shud say the 1 & only geek) from my college,  mailed me asking me to keep it short as longer ones are hard to keep up with (seriously i dunno what he meant by that:D, but i m sure he was talking abt blog and not my little frnd  ).. i am still figuring out whether he has done some plastic surgery on his brain, cuz for every subject he used not less than 2 bibles and in his words “we used to find even 50 pages notes, hard to keep up with!” neways bro, i m done wid this blog, juz for you and your valuable advise (though i cudn’t make it in 140 chars) … i know i m gonna get another mail on this too…the only thing  i can say is …
“bura na mano! holi hain!”


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  1. ur getting better by days …. like wine….cheers!!!!!!!!!!

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