slumdog glory….

March 16, 2009

          this weekend, i spent couple of hrs watching an Oscar winnng movie.. n that too Made in India-Mumbai-Dharavi….i felt it to be an awesome movie…. congrats to the ARR and Rasool Kutty for wining oscar, though very late..i refrained myself from commenting on ppl’s criticism till i watched it…
Slumdog Millionaire
                         recentely i came accross many article criticizing success of slumdog… those are refusing to appriciate the efforts of all indians involved, coz its not an Indian production… i feel pity of them for being narrow minded… when their sons work for Microsoft or even he is studying abroad, they will boast about that to every1… mera beta microsoft mein hain..mera beta US mein padhta hain… they take pride in it and enjoy his success.. but when somebody like Rasool, coming from a poolr family in a small village and making it big to the Oscars, they will search for reasons as not being an indian movie..  oscars given to ARR and Rasool are for their creative work in the movie..THEY ARE INDIANs, and its INDIA’s success in producing such a talent…let us not forget the achievement of Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and many more indians who are working for firangis… even our political parties are trying to ride on the slumdog success to become Billionaire… congress has stolen its tune for the election too….. and its their success too… Danny Boyle would have been searching for slums for years, had they been putting taxpayer’s money for upliftment of society…

                      only scene i felt a bit offensive… when the boy is beaten up by an indian and offered money by an American saying “here is a bit of america”.. you can not judge the whole India or America looking at one incident and that too made by a firangi…though ground reality is not very different from this… but how much do we do to change this, than commenting on it..

                           the other debate is about ARR’s Jai HO track not being best of his tracks.. and i completely agree with this… ARR has directed so many awesome tracks .. right from Roja to gajini and delhi6.. i still feel Dil hain chotasa track(Roja).. is far better than Jai Ho. Jai Ho is not even hummable track, its a fast track directed on lines of western music which is appreciated by west, so they awarded it..big deal.. the movie is also excellent.. but only for the west.. coz we r habbitual of this filth….i feel it was his white skin that helped him to bag oscars.. coz Shwas movie was atleast 10 times better than this1… i felt like watching yet another madhur bhandarkar film….

nvr mind.. underlying truth is tht he has eight awards in his kitty… and thats not a child’s play… so here is my unbiased salute to the entire crew of slumdog….



  1. nobody is apposing AR’s sucess or Rasuls….but problem with us indian is that we r so desprate to find the icons outside india that we want to associate with each sucessful person who even has dog with indian origin….ARs best n so was rasul….but lets face it….its english directors movie and i think movie belongs to its director more then anyone….so lets not go gaga abt it like mr anil kapoor…and for that matter slumdog is normal masala portboiler its nothing new to indian audience(thats y it was avaerage on box office)…we have been making such movie since ages…and its not AR’s best work but oviously better then his counterparts at oscar lobby…..and waise we cant have bollywood movies in direct compitition as all r in hindi and we can only be eligible for ‘foreign film cat’……i loved ‘shwas’ but it may not be the best movie among the five which very nominated that year in th same category…..

    keep posting!!!!!!!


    P.S. : Sunita williams is not an indian brother..she is born in US..n visited india once….thats all!!!!!

  2. nice insight dude… itz juz tht ARR n Rasool deserves applaude.. lets not sideline’em.. Very true abt Sunita Williams… shez american born to Indian origin father….


  3. okay.. i stand by my word that i did not like the movie. and i feel that a majority of the *educated* people criticizing the movie are doing so not because they don’t want give credit to the cast. but instead, as you pointed out, it projects a limited view about India. i hated the entire first half.. what kind of an impression does it give about India? riots, corruption, immorality, poverty.. I don’t deny that these things exist but there’s much more to India than just these things. as an example, take the novel Shantaram.. it does talk about all these negative things about Mumbai but the novel does not remain focused on those issues only.

    what i fear is whether that is the only impression that westerners have about India… 😦

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