My Experience @ Vipassana

September 6, 2010

As I came out of vipassana I felt hush… for a chatter box like me, keeping mum for nine days was a mission impossible. I am glad that I almost did it. After coming out, my family and friends jumped on me to know how it was and even I felt like bursting out wid my experience. So here I go…

Vipassana is meditation technique discovered by Gautam Buddha. It’s the most secular, scientific and practical technique I ever came across. The technique teaches you to control your mind (even subconscious mind) and free it from the grudges of your past. It calms your mind and shows you the way to be happy in all situations in your life.  It is all about observing the sensations on your body and to be equanimous towards them. Easier said than done.

It’s a 10 days residential course. There is a strict Code of discipline which includes observing silence for 9 days, being w/o cell phones, ipod, books, newspaper and a complete disconnection from outer world or as good as being in Big Boss for 10 days and that too alone. These are the things they enforce not to irritate you but to help you to connect with yourself.  And if you think 10 days are too much, they have courses for 20, 30, 45 and 60 days.

The course is full of challenges to make you stronger and stronger. Getting up at 4 o’clock, not eating anything after evening snacks (that’s 17:00 Hrs) and being disconnected with outer world seems huge challenges but only for first couple of days.  I used to check for cell phones in my pockets and my rings on fingers every now and then.  I kept hearing my cell ringing for at least 3 days.  And then you laugh on yourself when you realize that you don’t have them and you have just become prisoner of your own habits.

But the biggest challenge is to meditate for about 10 hrs. You cannot stabilize your monkey mind even for a minute, continuously jumping from one branch to another. It requires lot of determination, patience and consistency. In fact I could hardly concentrate for an hour out of ten. The difficulty in this technique lies in controlling your mind. You can control your body and your tongue but controlling mind is a daunting task. Guruji keeps on saying “Do it patiently and persistently, you are bound to succeed.” Every day when you are meditating a lot of doubts comes to your mind and to my surprise Guruji talks about the same things in his pre-recorded videos as if he is eavesdropping on my mind.

The food is simple yet very tasty.  The single/double bedded accommodations are cozy and clean. And mind you this is all for Free. Yes they don’t charge anything. On the 10th day you can donate as per your wish. The logic behind this as explained by Guruji is that you can experience a life of a Monk or Nun for 10 days. This helps you to kill your ego. Everything is so overwhelming that you will donate for sure.

And even if you are not able to meditate as they want you to, you still gain lot of spiritual knowledge @ intellectual level, a rural lifestyle close to nature, a healthy vacation and a refreshing change. Overweights may even shed few pounds.

I feel everyone must go to Vipassana at least once in his/her life time after all there is nothing to lose. For more information you can click here, google or write to me, I’ll be glad to help you.



  1. Sounds like a WoW experience 🙂

    Gotta try it once at least.

    • Thanks you sir…Keep your blessing and love with me…

  2. Sounds nice. I had been to one such place 2 hours before surat. Though there wasnt such strict regime n meditation for 10 hours, but i guess it served a similar purpose.
    N btw, nice blog.

  3. Did not know you write so well…Nice to know that u r back like Satej

    • Thanks Soni D, wish I could change a bit…

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