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being a bike-sexual

March 23, 2009

never heard of this term…even me too b4 i met this guy, Dev D……this weekend i was taken hostage to alibaug…and the reason… my friend was pretty depressed about being single again… no, i am not any pink shirt guy to date him.. he just wanted to spill it out…. and chose my shoulder for support as they got stronger n’ stronger by carrying my oversized skull wid a weightless brain hiding in it…

         we thought of rolling by six inda morning .. and got up at 6:30 and  started journey by 7…thts how we manage our time most of the times..but Dev decided to make up fo the lost time.. nxt moment speedometer of his bike was above 100K as if it was the minimum speed…we finished in abt couple of hrs… that was like a death match of Age of Empire …. with tea in one and the light in other hand, my frnd started with his Pravachan… on relationship, love and lust… had he been serious wid his pravachan stuff, he cud have   easily been another Religionaire (wealthy baba)…..pravachan covered everything, right from the day 1 when his girl watched him changing in a torn undies with big a hole (yeah.. the hole was so big that sometimes he used to get confused about where to put his foot), till they fell apart…

 i was struggling to suck fresh air even on beach as his cigarette sex (lighting one wid another) continued…he detailed his story so much that i felt like watching amoeba wid naked eyes… my jaw dropped when i came to know that he actually dumped her.. just imagine, a guy like kadar khan dumping someone like katrina…. yeah,that true… unlike my frnd, she was very slim, sexy and beautyful .. but dumb too.. otherwise she wud have chosen me over him (i aint mean to say i look like Salman, but wid  some grooming i can manage to look like Chanky Pandey..not bad huh!!! imagine kadar khan!!) … he dumped her coz despite his several efforts she couldn’t ride a bike, she had speedofobia, and recently they fought over as my frnd used get aroused by juz looking at his naked bike than her…here u go…..thts wat is being a bike-sexual… from where did he develop this taste …cuz i nvr heard of bike-porn n nvr saw someone screwing the bike (unless u r a mechanic) … unbelievable to dump a gal over a bike, aint it?!!!… i wish every frnd of mine who snatched away my (gonna be) GFs, to be like him… BTW i got Rx100 with empty back seat… and i m straight too…lets C if i can dump my bike for the same cheek….