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gudbye mail

May 2, 2010

People in their 20s on average change jobs every 18 months. People in their 30s — at least the ones that continue to do well in their careers — change jobs frequently as well, although at a slower pace than the 20 somethings. So if you think job-hopping is bad, change your thinking. Job hoppers are not quitters. In fact, they make better co-workers and better employees and I bet are generally more satisfied with their work life.Read the full Blog.

Finally I have someone who defends me. And Yes I have hopped once again. My cv is gonna be a page longer than now. Every time it feels gr8 in a new company on new project in new technology, sitting in new chair beside new colleagues, going to new canteen with new tasty food sooner what’ll be no tasty food… it’s been a ritual for me to keep mum for at least a month before I open up my loudmouth to display my sufferings from verbal diarrhea, so I  just blog it out… BTW I have written a kind of funny Good Bye Mail to my colleagues, which reached them a week later… probably it was delayed a midst of volcanic ash… Here it goes…

Hey guys,

How ya doing? Seven days passed and you haven’t heard or observed any absurd/insane activities around. So I thought I’ll buzz you.  To begin with, I was quite disappointed on my last day, that there were No Morchas, No Dharnas, and No Hunger Strike (though I condemn the last one).  None of you choked with emotions, no rona-dhona and dramebazi. Instead, I could see you happy as freedom fighters after the independence.  Pretty depressing huh!!
Anyways lets come to the point and talk about the most humble and down to earth person amongst us (sorry I am too humble to mention my name here). I have been very sincere here in my work irrespective of the places like canteen, cafeteria, TT and even@ my DESK too. This is one place, which taught me multi-tasking. I could chat, be on the phone and at the same time check those really funny forwarded mails, And Yes work too. Sometimes I could listen into TC unconsciously while sleeping consciously, rather vice versa.
But to those few souls with whom I’ve actually interacted, here are my personalized notes of farewell:
Swarup, I will always remember dynamically partnering you in TT. Probable you should try Dharm after me. Sometimes he plays decent 😉
Dada, I will miss your copyrighted action, pulling your legs and off course our late-night Data Migrations….
Tai, I am gonna miss the daily breakfast, which you used to bring on monthly basis, especially Mattur pattice, Theplas and (virtual) prawns biryani ( I still wonder how that‘ll taste…)
Sanjeev, Sahana-hi Hot Nahi ani Sangta-hi Yet Nahi, I’ll always remember your “Bloody, I m feeling Hot!” trick for complementary drink n kulfi and THE GRAND PARTY, which you gave.
It would be a tough 1-2 months, before I would really start liking my new job. I have entered into a totally alien area of IT. I know nothing about it. Wonder how I even got through. Wish me luck.
BTW this is not a belated goodbye mail, coz I do not intend to say it…This mail is just an FYI to let you know that I’ll be available on my personal mail id, which you already know. I have drafted this out of my intense research of various sites and blogs, in short lots of Copy + Paste. But that’s only an occupational hazard for IT engineers.
Well, while writing this mail I am feeling choked… not because of the emotion, probably I swallowed the chewing gum.
On a serious note, it has been an awesome place to work n enjoy. Even as I left to join another company, I envy you all.
Miss you.
P.S. : To cut short this mail (don’t raise your eyebrows.. Yes.. this is shorter version),  I have attached a list of the FAQs that you’ll have in your mind while reading this mail (such as which company/location I am moving to , alana -falana).